Assembly of Christian Educators

About ACE



The Assembly of Christian Educators, better known as ACE, is a body of dedicated, faithful, and committed Christians doing the will of God through educational ministry.  We promote God's word, the importance of Christian nurture and the doctrines of the A.M.E. Zion church. Our goal is to develop discipleship, personal growth, and spiritual growth through training, educational resource sharing, stewardship, witnessing, outreach, and fellowship


Membership within ACE includes Christian Educators who have been appointed by the Pastor, Presiding Elder, or Bishop.  Membership eligibility is initiated upon payment of dues.  The membership drive runs from October 1st until December 26th. Annual dues are $15. Membership cards expire on December 26th.  Lifetime membership dues are $300 and may be paid in installments.  Lifetime members pay an annual membership fee of $5 to the Region.  The fee supports the college/continuing education scholarship fund.   

Colors, Official Dress, and Stole

The Christian Education Department of the A.M.E. Zion church combines the church color red and the academic color blue to symbolize our work in the church.  Red is used to remind each worker of the redemptive work of Jesus on the cross; blue is used to remind each worker that education is the work. The official dress code for women is a navy dress or navy blue suit worn with a white blouse.  The men shall wear a  navy blue suit with a white shirt and a red or navy tie.  The official baby blue and red stole can only be worn over the official dress.  


Southeastern Region's ACE Officers

Regional Vice President - Renate Lee | Regional Vice President - Rev. Angela Boyd

Connectional Officers

 1st Vice President - Rev. Tyesha Harden | 2nd Vice President - Rev. Adriane Newton | Corresponding Secretary - Tonya Cornelius